After Viewing my, Just how Lengthy Should I Wait to Eat/Drink?


Obtaining your teeth cleansed twice a year by your victoria bc dentistry aids keep your teeth, gums, as well as tongue healthy and balanced. Not just does it aid safeguard your mouth against cavities, gingivitis, as well as other illness, yet it likewise offers your mouth a fresh as well as tidy sensation that should last the remainder of the day.

Yet, just how long should you stand to eat/drink after getting teeth cleansed? Well, it truly depends upon the following:

  • What do you plan on consuming and/or consuming?
  • Did you obtain a fluoride therapy?
  • Do you like the fresh sensation after a cleansing?


What you consume as well as drink after your teeth cleansing should impact the work that you obtained at your victoria bc dentistry. It’s ideal to prevent foods that are acidic as well as abrasive, especially if you have actually received a fluoride therapy, as the fluoride should be removed due to stickiness as well as rub.

Some patients experience level of sensitivity after having their teeth cleansed, so eating soft as well as room temperature level foods are most effectively to restrict any awkward sensations.


If you did not obtain fluoride throughout your dental visit, then you should consume as well as drink as quickly as your cleaning is done.

If you did obtain a fluoride therapy, then its ideal to stand at the very least HALF AN HOUR just before consuming as well as consuming. This guarantees that the fluoride will have sufficient time to be soaked up right into the teeth.

Eating sno cones after running is the best.

Fresh & Clean Really feeling

Do you like the fresh as well as tidy sensation you get have after a teeth cleansing? A bunch of patients love the way their teeth really feel after checking out the dental practitioner as well as stand to consume as well as drink so they should keep that sensation for a little bit much longer. Simply don’t forget to skip meals!

For more details, take a look at this reference hyperlink. 


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